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The NOKTable Turntable Stand takes the idea of the lightweight but very rigid turntable stand made popular in the 80s by companies like The Sound Organisation, AudioTech and Archidee and brings it into the 21st century. Using the best of these design ideas, with superior construction and improved textured black finish, it gives an even more musical performance.

The NOKTable is 18” tall including spikes and the mdf top is 17.5” x 13.75”. It is made of strong but light welded square-section steel tubing with strong, long adjustable floor spikes that can pierce pretty much any carpet and padding. They can also be used with footers like Linn Skeets on wood or tile floors. The NOKTable also has short adjustable spikes for the top and the solid top plate the turntable rests on is black laminated mdf.

While initially designed for the iconic Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, the NOKTable is an excellent platform for any number of light and medium weight turntables such as those from Rega, ProJect, Music Hall and numerous others. As long as the turntable doesn’t have enormous proportions or ridiculous mass the NOKTable should improve your musical enjoyment.

NOKTable Lit

Turntable Stand