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LEJONKLOU Slipsik 8 & Giao 2.4 MM Phono Stages

The Slipsik 8, the latest model of our oldest product, uses the fewest possible of the most precisely chosen parts to give you the best musical reproduction the finest MM cartridges have to offer.  The Giao 2.4 brings much of this performance to a lower price.  Hear all the beauty a well designed MM cartridge has to offer!

Slipsik 8 is the newest version reference moving magnet (MM) phono preamplifier that comes in a n improved, very compact aluminum enclosure. The first model, introduced in October 2006, has been steadily improved.  

In February 2022, Slipsik 8 was released. In this version, sensitive signals are buried inside the circuit board, between multiple narrowly spaced layers of copper. The internal AC cable is also screened inside an insulated thin-wall solid copper tube. The circuit board uses even tighter parts slection, there is an improved grounding attachment to the chassis and an all-new case is used which is a little longer, notably sturdier and more musical sounding.  Performance is unlike any MM phono stage we have heard with surprising musicality - the best MM phono preamp Fredrik has ever made.

Lejonklou MM Phono Stages

Gaio 2.4 is a high quality moving magnet phono stage. Introduced in October 2013 and further updated with a major reworking in February 2020, it comes in a very compact  black anodized aluminum enclosure.

Gaio 2.4 replaces our top-rated and very popular Kinki 3 and redefines the musical possibilities in an under $1000 phono preamplifier - delivering exceptional value for money. Outperforming all models of our reference phono preamp Slipsik, with the exception of the latest versions (above 5.1), we dare to claim that Gaio is one of the best Moving Magnet phono preamps in the world.

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