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LEJONKLOU Boazu Integrated Amp

An Integrated amplifier of unrivaled simplicity and musicality.  There are 4 inputs but no input switching for simplicity and better sound - you simply tun on whatever sourc you want to listen to.  Extreme musical performance at a very low price!

The Boazu is the integrated amplifier from Lejonklou HiFi – their first.  Its’ design was undertaken to bring the musical engagement and integrity of Lejonklous’ higher priced products, the Sagatun preamplifiers and Tundra power amplifiers, to a more affordable price level.  Fredriks’ goal was to offer this musical enjoyment to a wider group of music lovers by substantially reducing the price while keeping most of the musical quality.  We are happy to say Boazu has exceeded this goal!  

We aren’t the only ones who find this an exceptional amp. Chris Frankland, of the British magazine HiFi Critic, was quite impressed by the Boazu and the Gaio MM phono stage.  From his conclusions: “...if the primary concern is an amplifier that conveys the emotion and drive in music, and will involve listeners emotionally in the music, then this integrated amplifier from Lejonklou is one that I’d suggest one should not overlook. I liked it a lot, and reckon that a Best Buy rating is well deserved.”  You can download the complete review below,

Boazu combines the power amp circuit of the groundbreaking Tundra stereo power amp with a slimmed down version of the preamplifier circuit from the incredibly engaging Sagatun stereo preamp.  The combination of these two circuits, with the shorter signal paths allowed by an integrated design, brings an amazing level of musical performance - similar to that of the current separates. Yet at a price of $4195 it is well under half that of the stereo preamp-poweramp combination!

In our experience, Boazu has a level of musical engagement and enjoyment that has not been available before in this price range.  To achieve this the Boazu uses standard Lejonklou design and construction practices including hand-matched components, dual custom switched-mode power supplies, a 1.1kg solid copper heatsink, accurate directionality of ALL components, precise torqueing of all fasteners and solid aluminum construction.  Boazu accepts four line-level sources with a unique design that removes the input switching for better sound and simpler construction – you simply turn on whatever source you want to listen to and you are immediately ready to go.  Volume and muting are controlled by the included remote or from the front panel.  Boazu also features the unique Lejonklou color-change LED indication of volume and muting.  Boazu gives you all this precision, sophistication and musicality in a compact 14” square, 3” high all-aluminum chassis with the standard Lejonklou simple, hard-wearing textured black finish and laser cut logo and legends.

So why is it called Boazu?  In the language of the Sami people indigenous to Scandinavia, boazu is the word for reindeer.  The Sami view reindeer similarly to the way the American plains Indians view the buffalo.  Many Sami herd boazu and they use them for transportation, clothing, meat and milk.  It is said among the Sami that if you have a boazu you are doing OK.

Boazu 1.3 is available for $4195. If you have a Boazu you are OK!

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