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LEJONKLOU Sagatun Preamps

Remote controlled preamps, stereo and Mono block, that give you control of volume and inputs while allowing the music through unhindered.  Truly engaging pieces that just get out of the way and bring you the joy of music!

From the Swedish laboratory of Lejonklou HiFi AB the Sagatun and Sagatun Mono line stage preamps were created.  These preamps are designed to bring you closer to the studio, concert hall, jazz club, etc. than any other preamp.  

Fredrik Lejonklou started out to make the finest stereo preamp possible by exacting circuit design and incredible attention to detail.  As he was designing this, a business advisor suggested that he also design a mono version to see if improved performance could be attained.  Although Fredrik was skeptical of the idea, he undertook the work necessary to prototype a mono version which, after much additional tuning, gave us the Sagatun Mono – easily the finest preamp system we have ever heard.  In designing these units he came up with several unique systems to allow the most musical energy to flow through including the proprietary Volume spectrum display system, an unusual optical linking system to sync multiple units and a special Direct input for the ultimate performance on your most important source.

There is a word that comes up more often than any other from those listening to a Sagtun and it is “engaging”.  The Sagatun, and even more-so the Sagatun Mono, engages you with the music like no other preamp of our experience.  They can literally grab your attention from another room and pull you into the listening room to bathe in the beauty of the music.  The music through a Sagatun really has to be experienced.