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LEJONKLOU Tundra Power Amps

Mono power amplifiers that preserve the musical beauty of the signal they are fed while providing power and control to the speakers they are driving.  You are treated to a sense of ease with potent musicality!

The Tundra Mono power amps were one of the first Lejonklou full-size components. Tundras are power amplifiers with unique qualities. Their purpose is to reproduce music in the most engaging way possible.  In order to achieve this their circuit combines very short signal paths with high speed and high reliability components selected to extreme tolerances.  As an example, we manually measure and sort all transistors into small groups, using a test rig built for the purpose. Additionally, every Tundra Mono is individually fine-tuned and evaluated with music, as are all Lejonklou products. Only if it performs as well or better than our reference does it get packed down and shipped.

A Tundra Mono can drive almost any loudspeaker, but not necessarily to any level. Their power rating may appear moderate, but in reality a Tundra plays music with great authority and power. This is due to the circuitry being optimized for quick power delivery over a short time, while power ratings are done with static test tones that continue forever. If you're in doubt whether Tundra Mono can play loud enough for your needs, we recommend a demo in your room, using your speakers.  You may find yourself surprised at the power and solidity of the music emerging from your speakers.  The most common comment from customers is how much fun a Tundra Mono  makes music listening.  It is something that must be experienced.

ALL NEW Tundra Mono 3 coming soon.  New output devices with double the current handling capacity, substantially improved circuit board desing and several new and improved parts.  In production now with Spring 2023 delivery expected.  Watch this space.  The Tundra Mono 2.2 is no longer available.

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