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LEJONKLOU Källa Digital Music Player

The most musically fulfilling and easiest to use digital music playing device we have heard or used.  Unheard of musical beauty from a digital device combined with simplicity of setup and use itself.  Lejonklou Källa sets a new standard!

The Lejonklou HiFi Källa (pronounced Shell-ah) is our first source product, a streamer with internal DAC.  Like all Lejonklou HiFi units, Källa is designed to enthrall you with the music – music streamed from your favorite service using an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.  Källa is in the same size textured, black-finished, aluminum casework as our other full size units and sells for only $8495.

Fredrik Lejonklou's says: “Källa is simpler to use than anything I've encountered and it's more thrilling to listen to than any digital source I have heard.  Källa should be regarded as a source component for streaming services.”  

There are three people who created it: Fredrik designed and tuned the hardware. A programmer wrote and tuned the software (a process that will continue). An engineer did the low level programming. Everything is built from the ground up. “Over the last four years, we've made a lot of discoveries, repeatedly corrected the course, replaced each and every part multiple times, ditched the entire design and restarted it. Each time we've gotten a little closer to our target. A source of endless thrills.  Now it is complete and ready for your enjoyment.”

You have probably already gotten the idea that this is not your typical streamer/DAC.  It is a true Lejonklou HiFi product where everything is optimized for the most musically engaging performance.  Regardless of whatever specifications seem like they should be best, everything here is based on what actually works after countless hours of researching every possibility and discarding whatever doesn't improve the music.  We all know that specs don't tell us anything about how musical a turntable, cartridge, amp or speakers are but somehow the whole specs thing has taken hold of audiophiles when it comes to digital media.  DSD, MQA, 24/192 or /384, upsampling to the stars, etc.  This is not what the Källa is about.  It is for the music lover who wants to stream music and get enjoyment on the level of what quality analog provides. So you can see that Källa is a very different streamer, unusually simple to use and excitingly musical to hear.  

How Källa works

Källa is predominately designed for use with streaming services such as Spotify or Qobuz as it was found that using the highly optimized Lejonklou Protokoll they could provide a more musical, engaging sound than local files on an NAS.  However, these can still be used with the right app to good effect.  Källa is controlled by an Apple device and the apps installed on it are used for music playback.  You simply choose “Lejonklou” as you would choose a wireless speaker and the music you have selected plays through Källa.  It's that simple!

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