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"Honest HiFi"

Lejonklou HiFi of Uppsala, Sweden was started 15 years ago in November 2006 by Fredrik Lejonklou, a man who had been taken with the construction of audio amplifiers since his early teens.  But Fredrik was no idle dreamer.  He steeped himself in the most musical audio reproduction while studying electronic engineering at Uppsala University, one of the top technical universities in Europe.  He worked for a Hi-Fi dealer learning component and system setup, reviewed for a Hi-Fi magazine and even setup a Hi-Fi forum.  After experiencing some of the most musical equipment out there he felt he could create products that were even more musical and more affordable.  And so Lejonklou HiFi was born with a compact reference MM Phono Stage, the Slipsik, now available in version 7.1.  From there he has developed a whole range of electronic components all dedicated to bring you the most musical performance possible.  “Honest HiFi!”

But Honest HiFi is not just the motto of Lejonklou HiFi, it is the heart and soul of what Fredrik does.  And it has two parts.  First, Honest HiFi means audio gear that is true to the music.  Music is not just a collection of notes, rhythms, melodies, dissonances, etc. but a tapestry woven together from these various elements with the goal of connecting with you emotionally.  It can enhance your happiness or help you wallow in sadness.  It can make you want to get up and dance or help you relax after a long day.  It can make you think, smile, cry, laugh or simply sit back and feel it wash over you.  A system which pulls apart all the strands to let you hear the finest detail in contrast to the other parts will end up being fatiguing and threadbare.  Only a component or system that keeps these elements together in a way that brings you into the music will be satisfying in the long term.  It will allow you to discover to the fullest what the musicians, vocalists and producers put down in the recording, really allowing you to tune into the music rather than the sound.  This is what Lejonklou HiFi equipment is all about.  Here is how Alan Sircom in a review in HiFi+ said it:  “Lejonklou Sagatun and Tundra Mono amps are how amplifiers are supposed to sound.”  [They] “get to the core of what makes people enjoy music.”  The core of what makes people enjoy music.  That is Honest HiFi!

The other part of Honest HiFi is honest pricing.  Fredrik doesn't believe in bling, in fancy appendages to make things shiny or stand out.  He is more of the Hi-Fi should be heard and not seen group.  Simple, classic designs in solid aluminum casework with a textured black finish that holds up well over time and laser engraved text on the fronts of the full size pieces that won't dull with age and use.  The money is put where it counts, on the quality and selection of every component to make each unit as musically engaging as is possible.  He also doesn't believe in the “perceived value” pricing model now used by many in the industry, especially in the “high-end”.  Another way of putting it is “whatever the market will bear”, or the more expensive you make it the more they will think it is worth.  In contrast to this all of the products from Lejonklou HiFi are priced based on the actual cost of manufacture with a reasonable markup for Lejonklou HiFi, the distributors and the dealers.  This is so much the case that Fredrik will not post a price for a new product until he has completed the first few production units so he knows exactly what everything costs.  Until then we just have to work with approximates.  This is true of everything from the $55,000 SINGularity mono block MC preamps in their very expensive pure copper casework, which does sound noticeably better than the same exact components in an aluminum case, down to the $45 Lejonklou remote control.  The profit margins for Lejonklou, the distributors and the dealers are the same.

So there you have Lejonklou HiFi.  The most musically engaging products, extensively researched (you wouldn't believe HOW extensively) and extremely well built.  They are offered at the most reasonable prices possible, for your enjoyment.  On the following pages you will find more information on the entire product line which consists of:  A Digital Audio Player (our first source), 2 MC phono stages, 2 MM phono stages, stereo and Mono line preamps, stereo and Mono power amps, an Integrated amp and 2 headphone amps that can also act as exceptional single input preamps. (Also check the links on the bottom of each page for additional information and reviews mostly in downloadable/printable form.) We hope you enjoy Honest HiFi and that it brings more musical satisfaction into your home.