Gaio is a standalone high quality moving magnet phono stage. Introduced in October 2013, it comes in a very compact  black anodized aluminum enclosure.

Gaio replaces our top-rated and very popular Kinki 3 and redefines the musical possibilities in an under $1000 phono preamplifier - delivering exceptional value for money. Outperforming all models of our reference phono preamp Slipsik, with the exception of the latest versions (above 4.4), we dare to claim that Gaio is one of the best Moving Magnet phono preamps in the world.

Kikkin 2 is a remote operated stereo volume control. The purpose of Kikkin is to offer maximum sound quality at a minimal price for those who primarily use one source in their HiFi system. 98% of the costs of a Kikkin is sound related and 2% make sure it's functional and easy to use.

Kikkin 2 has three functions: volume up, volume down and mute. A colored LED on the front indicates the current volume setting. As the color can be seen from a distance, it's easier to read than a conventional display.

Slipsik 6 is the latest version standalone reference moving magnet (MM) phono preamplifier that comes in a very compact aluminum enclosure. The first model, introduced in October 2006, has been steadily improved.

In January 2016 this latest version, Slipsik 6, was introduced. It is the result of a complete redesign, where a number of alternative designs have been tried until the best one was settled upon. Performance has taken a bigger leap than with any of the previous improvements that Slipsik has received since its introduction.

At Lejonklou our policy is to continually improve our products.  Lejonklou components can almost always be upgraded to the latest specifications.  Our firm conviction is that an exceptional product should be taken care of and benefit from all the progress that is being made - instead of becoming obsolete and ending up on the dump. Our Mission with every product is to beat everything in its price bracket. Nothing else shall give you more musical enjoyment!

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