The Harmoni shelving system is a very high quality and flexible modular Hi-Fi rack. The design priority is a rack that preserves the melody and rhythm of your equipment. The Harmoni racks consist of hand-built shelves in solid wood or a combination of machined aluminum and solid wood. 

There are three levels of performance available, visible in the photo at left:

Mimer K, our most musical shelf that combines a machined aluminum top shelf with a thin solid Spruce lower section.

Tor, our mid-level shelf combining a thick solid Spruce top shelf with a thin solid Spruce lower section to give a good percentage of the Mimer magic at a significantly lower price.

Oden, our entry level shelf is still powerfully musical - hence the name.  It is made of a single thick shelf of solid Spruce and outperforms any other rack we’ve heard at anywhere near its price.

As shown these can be combined into a single rack in any combination that meets your needs.

Between the shelves there are 4 solid aluminum posts connected by strong bolts and held in tension by means of spring washers. The bottom shelf is mounted on spike feet in heavy sleeves. (For fine hardwood floors we recommend protectors like the Linn Skeets.)

The standard Harmoni rack has 4 shelves, however we can also offer combinations such as 3 or 5 shelves to suit your needs. A kit with an additional shelf and hardware can be purchased separately at any time to expand your Harmoni rack. Please see the links for more detailed information.

Harmoni shelving
Harmoni dimensions